Trending Bathroom Upgrades

2015 is winding down and we took a step back to see what trends were most popular with bathroom and what we expect to see coming in 2016.

Sinks: Bathrooms sinks have increasingly been desired with the addition of a second sink potentially even three or more.

Light: Wall scones, recessed lighting, and other items such as chandeliers, and pending lights have been very popular in 2015 and are expected to rise in popularity throughout 2016.

Remodeling TimesTable: Master bathrooms tend to be remodeling about every 16 years or so while non-master bathrooms tend to be pushed about 30 years before a remodel is completed.

Powder Room: What may be a surprise, is how powder rooms are remodeled much more often than full bathrooms ranging about every 10 years or less. Here, many home owners are likely to place personal touches and strive to create a room that will bring style and luxury to their lifestyle.

Overall, master bathrooms have been increasing the size of their shower. Many times we have found that home owners are looking to create a large enough space to fit two people comfortable while meeting each other needs. This calls for double sinks, a large two person shower, heated floors, towel warmers, bidets, TV’s, steam showers, and other luxurious options. In older clients, we often have seen the trend of curbless showers, non-slip floors, grab rails, and other aging in place items